Valentine month: Things to make and do

By Christy Amular - February 10, 2008

Let love bloom this February with these easy to do cookin' and craftin' projects. Happy Valentine's Month!

1. Cute valentine cards by Black Apple

2. Simple stamped fabric valentines by Liquid Paper Blog

3. Heart garlands by One Hour Craft

4. The perfect caramel by David Lebovitz

5. Pretty in pink desktop wallpapers by American Greetings

6. Cherry baby cakes by Better Homes and Gardens

7. Send some e-valentines.

8. Love poetry notebook by Michelle Simone

10. Pillow talk by Creature Comforts

12. Sweetheart softies by One Red Robin

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  1. What lovely ideas for Valentines! Thinking of making the heart garland with some Japanese papers I have and those little cherry cupcakes are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.. Gx

    ps I got a nice surprise to see you've added me, I'm about to go and do the same :O)

  2. You're welcome, Gina!


  3. thanks for the nice comment! love that first valentine!


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