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By Christy Amular - April 09, 2008

I have been (book) tagged by Gina of the wonderful Gingerbread Blog! And for good reason, I love books so much! So here's how the book tag rules go:

Pick up a book of at least 123 pages
Open the book to page 123
Find the fifth sentence
Post the next three sentences
Tag five people to do the same
The book I chose is the one I'm deeply engrossed in right now- Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. The passage goes like this:

Unless and until you access the consciousness frequency
of presence, all relations, and particularly intimate
relationships, are deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional.

Now, I'm tagging some blog friends too in case they want to play along, entirely optional of course.

Cindy of Lucy's Tales from Home
Hanna from iHanna's Create and Live Happy Blog
Rachael of Rachael Herbert's Sweet Nothings Blog
Mel of One Crafty Mumma
Jhoanna of One Red Robin

Speaking of books, here are some yummy free downloadable bookplates to enjoy:

Home Library Bookplates ( A wagonload of the most adorable, illustrated children's bookplates)
Black Apple Bookplates (Emily's very, very cute freebie)

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  1. Gina tagged me for this one too, I like your quote.
    and those book plates are adorable.
    thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi Christy, thanks so much for leaving such a great comment on my blog. I love the look of your blog, I love spots, blue and yellow, and Easter chicks! I had to pass on this book tag recently, yours is a good one. I am off to look at the bookplates, they look just my thing. I have put you on my list of blog friends, and shall look forward to revisiting your lovely colourful,happy blog. x

  3. Wonderful excerpt Christy! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous bookplates, some of my favourite illustrators: Quentin Blake and Mick Inkpen, Nick Butterworth and Debbie Gliori..and some fabulous ones I'd wasn't familiar with! :O) Gxx


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