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By Christy - April 08, 2008

A forest bird never wants a cage.
-Henrik Ibsen

I'm delighted to share this lovely birdcage and hummingbird embroidery pattern that I found while traipsing through the wondrous and inspiring world of craft blogs. At last, I found the loveliest birdcage and bird motif pattern I've always dreamed of stitching.

I love this birdcage pattern so much that I plan to make a few minimalist throw pillows- white embroidery thread over dark blue or black fabric. In the meantime, this mini tote bag would suffice. I made a tree and bird themed zippered wallet pouch to match the birdie motif. I'm quite pleased with the results considering that I don't have a sewing machine and that I hand stitch all my sewing projects.

You can find this lovely birdcage pattern at Ottobre Design, a fabulous Finnish fashion magazine/design house for youth and children. More stylish, Scandinavian inspired sewing patterns here.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Your latest sewing projects are beautiful and the birdcage design is perfect.. I can't believe you have hand-stitched everything..I'm even more in awe than I was before!!

    p.s. I have a book tag for you on my blog if you feel like playing along - it's a nice quick one..but completely optional! :O)

  2. this is adorable, I've just been looking back at some of your past posts, you have such lovely ideas and links, I'll be coming back here!

  3. Another talented crafter, who can handstitch so fabulously. The only sewing I am good at, is sowing seeds! x

  4. This embroidery is beautiful!


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