Project Yellow, here I go!

By Christy Amular - April 14, 2008

I couldn't resist not taking part in Anna Carson's Project Yellow. I adore yellow! Thanks to Gina for spreading the word!

I don't have enough time to do one yellow shot a day so my photo contribution would consist of the shots I did today (take 1 to take 3) and yellow shots I have done in the past. I hope you enjoy the various, shining attributes of this wonderful colour.

Project yellow, anyone?

"Summer Frangipani"
Project Yellow. Take one.

"Yellowed leaf"
Project Yellow. Take two.

"After the rain"
Project Yellow. Take three.

"Yellow Chrysanthemum"
Project Yellow. Take four.

"Yellow hotel walls"
Project Yellow. Take five.

"Ducky in the bath"
Project Yellow. Take six.

"Sunshine bouquet"
Project Yellow. Take seven.

Project Yellow. Take eight.

"Delicious yellow"
Project Yellow. Take nine.

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  1. Yes...YEs...YES!!!

    I can tell you like yellow and it likes you right back!

    Stunning florals...

    But my favorite? The yellow ducky is happy to be drowning in a sea of bubbles.

    Oh...and can I not love BUTTERcream? Mmmmm! ;)

    Hope you have a bit of time to visit some of my PY photos; I've had just a bit too much fun posting these :).

  2. All great shots! have to say, the buttercream is my favorite! Yummy!!

  3. Love the raindrops on the flower petals and that frosting on the cupcakes looks goooooooooooooood!!!!

  4. Great Project Yellow post!
    I've seen rubbie duckies, but this one was an awesome idea!

  5. Bravo Christy!! what an incredible range of have excelled!! I love them all SO favourites would have to be 'after the rain' and 'ducky'...another talent revealed by you and I would love to see more photos..hope you can join in Anna's next colour project ~ I can't wait!! Gxox

  6. Christy these are really great photos. I love the delicious yellow and the butter cream, looks so yummy. Great job!

  7. Yum...I love all these but right now all I want it a cupcake! :) I am so glad that you got Project Yellow fever!

  8. These are fun. Such variety is wonderful. My favorites are the Buttercream and After the Rain.

  9. Oh, these are really, really beautiful! Just lovely shots.

  10. I wanted to do this project yellow, but didn't get around to it! I took some photos, maybe I could put them on the blog sometime anyway? Your subjects for project yellow are great, those icing swirls look great, but that duck looks as if he has got out of his depth! x


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