The Art of Blue

By Christy - June 04, 2008

Project Blue. Take 5.
"Azure "

Project Blue. Take 6.
"Infinity Blue"

Check out Anna Carson's Blog for more of Project Blue.

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  1. Where is that and how do I get there. I could live out my life in such a spot. Ok, maybe live out my next vacation. These are gorgeous images. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. hey,
    Its me again i left a message a while back and you left me a message i would like it very much if you came back to my web page i said something about your page on it.oh and i have pitchers of my crafts on my page


  3. Oh WOW! Stunning shots! Wish I was there now actually.

  4. Beautiful shots..I love how you've composed the first one..not making the boat the main feature..but as part of the water surrounding.. love it!
    The second one looks so inviting..I want to swim there..
    Would love to know where they were taken :) Gx

  5. Beautiful photos. What serene blues those are. I agree with Gina about the first one.

  6. I need a ticket to paradise please! These are wonderful! Sorry I am just now getting here for a visit. I have enjoyed seeing your take on blue in your life.


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