Friendship wishes

By Christy - June 17, 2008

I created another Black Apple Doll from Emily Martin's pattern found on Martha. This time I made a few modifications like giving the doll a sweet demure open eyed look. My other Black Apple Dolls have been so snoozy and sleepy. Time to wake 'em up!

The other doll pictured is a 6.5 inches Friendship Doll made from Jill Maas doll pattern. It's a beautiful, artsy doll pattern that can be made with materials found around the house. It comes with a special friendship dedication poem too! I think it's a very lovely token to give away to good friends to remind them how special they are.

"Hearts for love
Kisses for wishes
Beads for joys
Flowers for new growth,
Colours for happiness
Gold thread for health
Stitched with friendship and
wrapped with love"

There are still a lot of projects I want to make from this page, like Monique the Country Angel and the Goddess of Love. Will show and tell once I get around to making them. Have a happy week filled with surprises and joys! Think good thoughts because thoughts become things.

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