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By Christy - June 24, 2008

Oh, this game is fun. Cindy tagged me for Six Unimportant Things about Me blog game and as promised, here it goes:

1. Feed me anything but duck. We had a little duck pond in our backyard back in the 80's and for some reason that made me swore off duck for the rest of my life!

2. I worked as a radio DJ after graduating from college. I am what you would call a "rock jock."

3. My favourite scent is Tea Rose by Perfumer's Workshop. Very heavenly, inspired fragrance!

4. Snowmen make me happy so I collect them-figurines, ornaments etc.

5. My favourite snack is empanada, a deep fried or baked pastry filled with sweet/savoury fillings.

6. My all-time favourite cookie is Chocolate Crinkle.

I enjoyed playing tag so I hope you will too. So I hope my lovely blog friends would like to play along... Rachael of Sweet Nothings, Suzanne @ Create Fun & Mess, and Louise @ Home is Where the Heart Is. Try to tag six people if you can!

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