Sew Tiny

By Christy - June 09, 2008

I'm down with a terrible cold. The combination of hot humid weather and demolishing dust bunnies just took its toll on me. Anyway, one wonderful way to spend the day recuperating in bed is to hand stitch some wee sewing projects like this teeny weeny fabric house from Molly Chicken's tutorial. My little cottage is inspired by little house drawings I used to make when I was a little girl- wonky lines and all that. Now I can store grown up treasures in it like bracelets, earrings and stuff.

And I just gotta- make-baby-shoes- even- if- I'm- not- feeling- clucky! Thanks to Heather Bailey's irresistible Bitty Booties tutorial. Martha has a similar baby bootie project but it's too labour intensive for me at the moment.

Have a fun week everybody! Be well.

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