Popsicle Hut

By Christy - July 28, 2008

Got some leftover craft sticks? Make a popsicle hut! This takes 15 minutes to build tops. Inspired by A Little Hut.

Turning Japanese:

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  1. I like the popsicle house, its just the perfect home for those little dolls and 1 love these little dolls.

  2. This is incredible, such a good idea! Great for kids to keep themselves amused, and a great excuse for children and adults alike, to keep eating those lollies and ice-creams for the sticks! x

  3. This is so so cute! We always have lots of popsicle sticks here. Maybe I will get the kids on this today for something to do and out from under my nose! Thanks for the links too!

  4. What a cute little house! :-) Well done, I need to eat more ice cream this summer! :-)

  5. oh dear, that's positively gorgeous! My Bella would n odoubt love to make on e of these, thanks for posting,


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