August Moon

By Christy - August 17, 2008

Full moon photos taken tonight. Remember to dream and reach for the moon! Have a great Sunday!

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  1. I absolutely love these images of the moon Christy, they are amazing, the best I have ever seen. Please pop over to my home blog, I have an award waiting for you there. x

  2. Thought I'd pop across from Louises blog to say Hi - lovely moon pics and the bitten gingerbread man from your last post is so cute
    lisa x

  3. Christy these are amazing photos of the moon. I can never manage to get good shots.

  4. One of my favourite songs is "The whole of the moon" by The Waterboys.. your stunning pics have me singing it in my head.. well done..I wouldn't have a clue how to take shots like this!
    Love the detail in the first shots, but that last my favourite.. the sky around is sooo beautiful!
    You've got me raving now, so I'll stop :P

  5. these are beautiful shots!

    the full moon was gorgeous in phoenix too. i wish i had taken some photos.


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