Simple weekend

Watermelon, melon and orange sorbet, anyone?

Hope everyone's having a nice, relaxing weekend! Don't forget to recharge, refresh and renew your spirit with a favourite treat or two.

Twirly Bird is now a-flying. It was a surprisingly, quick project to do in less than 30 minutes. Such a sweet design to perk up plain pillows and bare wall corners.

It's now week three of Christmas Ornament Countdown. I made some simple Scandinavian hearts. I'm still wracking my brain what to make for next week, LOL!

I'll be back with another project to post. See ya later!


  1. Love your Scandinavian Hearts - so sweet!! They would be a great project to take along in the car when I am waiting for kids!!

  2. Oooh that sorbet does look good..did you make it? Love your birdy project..very cute! ..and the hearts are a classic decoration...goodluck with your next Xmas project..I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing! Gx

  3. Your sorbet looks so delicious, it would be nice on a hot day. Your Christmas decorations are coming along, you must have just the best collection.

  4. I must remember to use your dessert recipe, I wonder if I could find orange sorbet! Christy, more lovely projects. I hope one day I could try the stitching, the bird is very cute. Of course I love the hearts, that goes without saying! x

  5. I love the hearts, they are so so cute! You have been very busy. I don't know how I missed the Christmas ornament countdown! Too much pressure for me, I can't do anything more than 1 week in a row, ha. I will be watching what you are making for great ideas though!

  6. Oh, I forgot, your little birdy stitching is adorable too! Love it.


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