Handmade fabric pears

By Christy - September 13, 2008

Happy Saturday! I made some fresh fabric pears to decorate the table. I want to make a basket of juicy fabric apples too. Maybe next month if I have the energy to spare.

Pattern and instructions are available here:

Miss UK Lass also has a gorgeous fabric doll house tutorial. I want to try that project too. Okay, I have to check if I still have space in my kilometric craft t0-do list!

It's a really nice, warm afternoon and I can really feel the September-ness of it all. The "ber" months are really my favourite times of the year. So many fun holidays coming up!

Also, I would like to thank the very sweet and lovely Suzanne of Create Fun and Mess for giving me this cute award:

Thank you Suzanne! I love your blog too!

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  1. What beautiful pears! Love your fabric choice.

  2. Your fabric pears are so nice. They would look so good sitting in a bowl on the table.

  3. Love the pairs...! They are so supper cute!

  4. They look so yummy. You are clever!

  5. The pears are so lovely! I get so inspired...want to start sewing immediatrly. Acutually I started out yesterday by clearing up my sewing things and fabric. Hope you'll have a new great week...

    Karin xx

  6. These pairs are so cool. I love how you made the felt stem and leaf.

  7. Love your blog and the pears, ooo i think i'll add you to favourites


  8. Great idea! Just wonderful!
    Mara Zeitspieler

  9. A beautiful pair of pears!
    ..how sweet will your fruit bowl be with appples too :D Well done on your award too Gx

  10. Beautiful work!! Love your fabric choice for these pears. Where are you displaying them? Happy Monday to you!

  11. Another lovely pear (pair)! I really love the green fabric you have used. Your work is so original Christy. I love it. x

  12. What great fabric choices. I love them.

    I'm glad to see that I was making some sense in that tutorial, then...


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