Mosaic Monday: Dots

By Christy - September 08, 2008

1. polka dots, 2. Meet Dot, 3. Pink Polka Dots on White, 4. Polka dot suitcases, 5. Polka Dots!, 6. polka dots, 7. polka dot ribbon: pretty, 8. fairy angel with dots 2, 9. birthday cupcake

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  1. Polka dots make me very happy :)) thanks for the smile Christy.

  2. Glad you posted mosaic monday, it always makes me smile. I am loving that polka dot ribbon and thinking up uses for it already.

  3. Ohh I love dots! Nice with mosaic is fantastic. Can I find you there? Karin xx

  4. Thank's for commenting about the language. Well, I might translate sometimes...but it's good to know that the translation tool works great. I will also use it and check the texts...

    Karin xx


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