Recycled tin can project from Hallmark Mag

By Christy - September 11, 2008

Hallmark Magazine
has lots of great quick craft projects for the home. One of these is the recycled tin can vase project. Simply save some 400 grams milk cans and download five gorgeous tin can labels from here. Cut the labels to size and paste to the tin cans using double sided tape. Voila, you've got pretty recycled vases to spruce up your home office! You're giving Mother Earth some good lovin' too.

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  1. These are lovely Christy. I tried this with milo cans but mine did not look this good.

  2. They look very neat and useful. I did not know Hallmark had a magazine. Miss Calico Kitty is very cute!

  3. What a Lovely Blog You Have here !

    I had not seen these tins / the latest Hallmark
    And BRILLIANT idea, I save tins right and left thinking I will find a good idea One Day...THIS IS IT

    Thank You.

    Is that your Miss Calico Kitty you made ? and the doll and quilt below are darling...

    So Much GOODNESS Here !

    Your Journal Wrap and Your Photos, beautiful.

    And thanks for the link to Elsa , wow.


  4. Now I know why I feel guilty when I put my cans in the recycling bin. I should turn them into something useful and pretty like you did. Thanks.

  5. These are really pretty! Just what I need for my scrap space..great idea :D

  6. Great labels and link - thanks for posting this!


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