Wake up and smell the gardenias

By Christy - September 12, 2008

I love waking up to the light of dawn. It is said that God's blessings come with the morning sun.

I woke up to find a single gardenia (Gardenia Jasminoides) flower blooming amidst the frangipani trees, its heady and rich romantic fragrance perfuming the warm morning air. The gardenia flower softly whispers, " I love you in secret."

Dwarf hibiscus flower swaying in the morning breeze

Frangipani flower and buds peeking out in the morning sun

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My tea leaf reading to contemplate on for today says:

Answers, without first embarking upon the journey, will have no resonance
Powerful creatures should try to be good.
Not everyone, however, is called to climb mountains and deliver commandments.
Be fruitful and be at peace.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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