October is here

It's October and I'm definitely in the halloween groove!

I adore the latest halloween clip-art sampler from Dover Publications. There are a cornucopia of cute vintage halloween images to decorate craft projects. Subscribe to Dover's free sampler to get these halloween goodies while you can!

Have you taken this colour I.Q. test yet? I scored 8 points! What's yours?


  1. That was tuff! I got a 12! I thought I was better with color than that?

  2. Hi! I love your blog!
    Just found it! :)

    I scored 8 too... It's hard!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more halloween goodies from you Christy..I just did the test..and my eyes started to hurt..but I got 8 too..fell down at the pinky end apparently! :D Gxx


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