Sew busy

By Christy - November 21, 2008

I've finally finished making another handmade gift. This time, it's a paisley half apron for my sister who is a cooking klutz. Hopefully by donning and whirling in this magic apron, she can make sumptuous dishes for her husband hahaha. I plan to make some oven mitts to go with it or maybe sew up something from this sew mama sew link compilation. Or maybe just get her a cookie and pie cookbook. That should be easy.

P.S. Has anybody seen this humongous holiday sewing craft link from Whip Up?

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  1. What awesome paisley fabric... lovely idea! I am sure it will help your sister's cooking skills.

  2. You sister is going to look like a domestic goddess in the kitchen - it's fabulous!

  3. I really need Blogger to add spell check to their 'Post a Comment' section - Doh. Of Course I meant 'Your sister', not 'you sister'. My most humble apologies :)

  4. I really like the apron, I have a watering mouth thinking about your sisters cooking.

  5. Oh well if it doesn't help improve your sister's cooking, she'll certainly look the part! Gorgeous apron!!! :D

  6. At least now your sis will be cooking & baking in style! Very adorable!


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