A zakka afternoon

By Christy - November 20, 2008

Today was a nice day for doing some zakka sewing from this cute japanese craft site. Those two tiny totes are actually cozies for my little phone that I made from this pattern. This zakka love is growing on me and now I can't wait to make this cafe apron pictured below:


and this embroidered gingham book cover

Image from Fujix
or this patchwork bag

Image from Fujix

Hmmm, too many zakkas, too little time?

I also stumbled on the cutest japanese novelty/zakka shoppe in the entire galaxy. You'd enjoy browsing this little shop even if you don't know nary a Japanese word. The Curly Collection shop sells insanely cute and sweet retro goodies such as these :

Images from Curly Connection

Meanwhile, have a look at Jojoebi Design's lovely blog and Etsy shop. Her shop is stocked with handmade baby stuff and cute japanese items such as bento making kits, japanese fabric packs and more. She is also a Montessori mum and she has great tips and tutorials on how to raise brainy kiddos. And oh, she also has a cool giveaway in her blog. Do check it out!

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