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New year blog giveaway!

Thank you for all your blogversary greetings! As a fitting way to end the year, I'm having a wee blog giveaway! I've put together these sewing goodies just for you. I will throw in some handmade surprises too!

Just leave a comment and I'll draw a winner on Monday, January 5, 2009. Good luck and I'm wishing you all another 365 days of inspiration and creativity!

Happy, happy new year!

Comments closed. Winner will be announced soon.

New Year wishes


Matryoshka craft roundup

Matryoshkas along with owls, birdies and little red riding hood are big craft themes this year. They're everywhere as fabric surface design, soft toys, printed goods and novelty items.

My friend Cathy shared this photo of her hubby's matryoshka chess set. So cute, isn't it? I haven't seen anything quite like it before.

Here's a year end round up of the best matryoshka craft inspiration:

Image from Goody Goody Handmade

Tooth Fairy Pillow from Goody Goody Handmade

Image from Craftbits

Ornament/tag from Craftbits

Nesting Doll from Maize Hutton DIY

Image from A Print a Day

Notepads and labels from A Print a Day

Image from Canon Creative Park

Matryoshka paper dolls from Canon

Image from The Long Thread

Egg Matryoshka Dolls from The Long Thread

Image from Day to Day

Babushka pencil toppers from Melissa Goodsell

Hmm, I wonder what craft themes are going to be popular next year. Any predictions?

Sweet Tidings 1st Blogversary

Sweet Tidings turns one today! Thank you to Vicki of Turkey Feathers whose lovely blog first inspired me to to craft and to eventually create this blog. Many joyful thanks to my readers and the lovely friends I've made along the way! A teeny surprise giveaway should be in order!

My Christmas was wonderful and handmade holidays made it more magical. Mr. Peppermint Sock Monkey is the last of the (albeit late) handmade gifts I've made this season. He is still to be carted off to the house of a friend. I'm already looking forward to next year's holiday craftivities!

And look what Santa gave me under the Christmas tree! Japanese zakka craft books!

Season's Greetings

Wishing you all a beautiful season filled with God's love and light! Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Grosgrain Charm and Sugar Cookies

I just discovered this sweet little blog and I can't get over Kathleen's cute dress creations! I love her fun fashion photo shoots! Pictured here is Kathleen's adorable little girl Lily wearing a Sugar Cookie Frock with matching scarf. Pure retro cuteness sweetness!
Image from Grosgrain Fabulous
And oh, Kathleen is having a Sugar Cookie Frock Giveaway!! If you have a 3-5 year old girl, you'd love this charming apron on her. Not to mention the darling Lela doll that goes with it.
Speaking of sweetness, I made some Victorian Sugar Cookies from my favourite magazine ever, Victoria Magazine. No cookie photos to share yet since sugar cookie dough is chilling in the refrigerator ready for Christmas eve cookie decorating party.
Wishing you all the sweetest Christmas holiday!

Mosaic Monday: Christmas Love


Christmas embroidery and more cookies!

Cinnamon the Bear just loves his new Christmas pillow featuring the wonderful Tree Family pattern from Nini Makes. And he's all settled for his long winter nap...

Guess what? Another cookie recipe for ya! This time, it's my adaptation of Mel Goodsell's wonderfully yummy Amish Cookie recipe. Seriously good with hot chocolate!

1/2 cup butter or margarine1/2 cup brown sugar1/2 cup white sugar1 egg1 1/2 cups all purpose flour1/2 teaspoon baking soda1 cup sugar coated chocolate candy tablets1 teaspoon vanilla1/4 tsp amaretto liqueur

Cream butter and sugar until fluffy and add egg. Add 1/2 tsp. vanilla and 1/4 tsp amaretto and stir well to blend. Sift together all purpose flour and baking soda. Add to butter mixture. Stir well with wooden spoon until combined. Add chocolate candy tablets. Scoop 1/2 tsp of cookie dough and form into circular shape. Press more chocolate candy tablets on top of cookies. Bake at 350 until golden brown.

Let it snow!

Make Christmas more magical with a flurry of snow created by homemade snow domes. Inspired by Martha's snow globe winter craft project, these jam jars were filled with favorite Christmas knick knacks and faux craft snow. Unlike Martha's, no water was added. Given a gentle shake, these tiny wintry scenes come to life!

Love came down at Christmas

"Love came down at Christmas; Love all lovely, love divine;
Love was born at Christmas, Stars and angels gave the sign."

-Christina Rossetti

Dreaming of a Chocolate Christmas

Looking for the perfect Christmas chocolate cookie fix?
This Chocolate Roll-out Cookie recipe from Epicurious' 25 Days of Christmas Cookies is it! It simply is the best chocolate cookie I've ever tried and tasted! It has nice outer crunch and a lovely brownie like texture in the middle. Make lots and leave some for Santa!
The recipe is here.

Gnomes and pinecone pixies

The earth has grown old with its burden of care But at Christmas it always is young, The heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair And its soul full of music breaks the air, When the song of angels is sung."

~ Phillips Brooks (1835-93), American Episcopal bishop, wrote 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'.

Christmas Spirit Award

I've received a Spirit of Christmas Award from the lovely Suzie of Little Busy Bee. Thank you Suzie! It's so sweet that you've thought of me!

Christmas Spirit Award rules: 

You must be a true Christmas lover to receive this award.
The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with Christmas.
You must link back to the person who gave you the award.
You must list 5 things that you love about Christmas.
If you can't limit it to 5 things, then keep going till you run out of space!
Pass the award along to as many people as you like.That can be 1 or 45; it's up to you. But, you must pass it on to at least one person in order to keep the Christmas cheer going!Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving them a comment.
5 Things (and more)  I love about Christmas:
1. It's the birth of Jesus Christ our saviour 2. Spreading God's message of love, hope, peace and healing  3. Christmas baking, cooking and crafting  4. Sharing Christmas love with famil…

Simple and natural kiddie crafts

If you love natural, woodland inspired toys visit Wee Folk Art. It has lots of delightful crafts to make like this Waldorf inspired baby doll. These dolls are soft, cuddly and natural and little tots adore their simple, serene expression. This doll is for kids of all ages too!

Here's a cute kiddie project I found from an old issue of Michael's arts and crafts Kids Crafts (Summer 1997). These Shoulder Sweeties are animal shaped bean bags great for throwing around or for sitting on top of your shoulders. I used mung beans just like the bean bags I've made. Cut up fun animal shapes in felt or fleece and stuff with beans. Handstitch around the corners. Have fun!

Mosaic Monday: Peppermint Swirl


The sewing Christmas trees

I love tinsel trees like this. It reminds me of the tree my 98 year old grandmother used to put up every Christmas. She would drape shiny foil paper garlands and hang antique Dresden style ornaments on its glittering branches. Ahh, sweet Christmas nostalgia.

Here's a couple of 5 minute tiny Christmas trees I made from Puchi Collective's miniature tinsel tree tutorial. They are little homage Christmas trees to the gentle art of sewing and handmade creativity. I wish everyone a lovely handmade Christmas and a sparkly, creative and abundant new year!

Nordic Inspiration

Happy St. Lucia Day to my favorite Swedish blog friends!

Fyra årstider
Ute Och Inne
Ihanna's Creative Space
Nordic Craft

What Christmas cookie are you?

Take this quiz from Martha and find out:

Image from Bon Appetit

My results are:
You are undoubtedly Molasses-Gingerbread Cookies. You're warm, spicy and multifaceted.

Cookie roundup:

Victorian Sugar CookiesGood Housekeeping Cookie CollectionAll Recipes Christmas Cookie CountdownEpicurious 25 Days of Christmas CookiesGourmet's Favorite Cookies 1941-2008

Caroling cuties and and more cute stuff to make

A bevy of jingle mouse carolers to brighten your day! Get the tutorial here from Pimp Stitch. Also check out this list of mammoth festive tutorials from Whip Up.

I guess I got all the zipper fuss issue all straightened out. Thanks to this wonderful tutorial from Twelve 22.

Suzanne's tag

I've been tagged by the super sweet Suzanne of Create Fun and Mess. Before I get lost in the flurry of holiday activities and get completely amnesiac, here's my list.

8 TV shows I love to watch

1. Oprah Winfrey Show
2. McLeod's Daughters
3. Barefoot Contessa
4. The Martha Show
5. Iron Chef America
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Scrubs
8. Spongebob

8 Places I love to eat

At my house and anywhere and everywhere where the food is fresh, hot and tasty!

8 Things that happened to me yesterday

1. Baked Pfeffernüsse cookies
3. Made more jingle mouse ornaments
4. Made handmade gifts
5. Cleaned my closet
6. Prepared noche buena (christmas eve) menu
7. Read interesting books on
8. Updated journal

8 Things I love about Fall

Not applicable because I live in a 2 season country. There's only rain and shine!

8 Things on my wishlist

I can't think of anything at the top of my head because when it comes to wishlists my mind goes blank, LOL! I don't really need anything but if it's all wishful …

Tags and simple things

The lovely Yasmine of A Print a Day recently tagged me. The rule of the game is to list six unimportant things that make one happy. I'm all for simple things that touch the heart and soul. This is my list:

1. Apple cinnamon raisin iced tea
2. Hot cocoa that I make from scratch
3. Inspiring text messages I receive from friends
4. Beautiful afternoon light (4 p.m.)
5. Linen and cotton fabric things
6. Fresh laundered sheets

I tag anybody who wants to play along! Have a happy week everyone!