Let it snow!

By Christy Amular - December 20, 2008

Make Christmas more magical with a flurry of snow created by homemade snow domes. Inspired by Martha's snow globe winter craft project, these jam jars were filled with favorite Christmas knick knacks and faux craft snow. Unlike Martha's, no water was added. Given a gentle shake, these tiny wintry scenes come to life!

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  1. I can't tell, did you add any water in them? they look really adorable

  2. i love the snow floating around your blog! so festive :)

  3. Oh I love these! I have like a 100 episodes of martha recorded. I forgot all about all her christmas ideas- "like I really have the time"! Thank you for sharing all your lovelies- your a constant source of inspiration!

    Chelsea Ann

  4. These are just so cute, I probably should do this with my girls.

  5. I had that same. exact. plastic deer with the orange feet when I was a wee lass. weird. We also had a purple and blue one.


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