My favourite sewing tutorial

By Christy - December 06, 2008

Soulemama's gratitude wrap tutorial is definitely my favourite. It is a lovely project to make during weekends and makes an elegant yet inexpensive gift to one's self or to good friends. Aside from thank you cards, it can also accommodate a mini journal, daily planner, address book and small pieces of paper (receipts, calling cards, coupons, leaflets etc). My wrap also holds a pencil, ballpen and a Sharpie pen. A paperback book can easily fit between the folds too!

As usual, this wrap is 100% handstitched and made with the lovely fabrics and notions that my sweet pal Cathy sent me. She also printed and sent me my very own craft label!

Bella Dia's excellent, easy to follow travel tissue holder tutorial project is also a nice weekend project. This dainty and ladylike tissue receptacle looks pretty and can also fit nicely inside the wrap's pocket. Now that's a wrap!


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  1. I just love the wraps too - wish I had more time!!! What a great idea with the tissue thingy.

  2. These are beautiful. I wish I had a sewing machine.

    You know, I always look at your blog, even if I can't get all crafty... but I'm definitely going craftier for Christmas. Maybe I'll get the chance to try some of this stuff.

  3. This is lovely, the fabric is beautiful.

  4. I love the gratitude wraps too. I attempted to make 2 but they didn't turn out as gorgeous as yours! I am going to give them another go in the new year to put aside for gifts during the year (if they turn out well enough!)


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