Simple and natural kiddie crafts

By Christy Amular - December 15, 2008

If you love natural, woodland inspired toys visit Wee Folk Art. It has lots of delightful crafts to make like this Waldorf inspired baby doll. These dolls are soft, cuddly and natural and little tots adore their simple, serene expression. This doll is for kids of all ages too!

Here's a cute kiddie project I found from an old issue of Michael's arts and crafts Kids Crafts (Summer 1997). These Shoulder Sweeties are animal shaped bean bags great for throwing around or for sitting on top of your shoulders. I used mung beans just like the bean bags I've made. Cut up fun animal shapes in felt or fleece and stuff with beans. Handstitch around the corners. Have fun!

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  1. I LOVE how your baby doll turned out. Great choice of material! If you get a chance we'd love for you to post a pic on Wee Folk Art's Flickr group!


  2. How cute, I might have to make one for my niece! Thanks!

  3. wow.... so cute ^^
    maybe i'll try to make one too... :)

  4. Really sweet Christy..I adore steiner dolls and always admire the beautiful doll displays at the girl's school fairs....if only I could sew!
    The little cat is lovely too :D

  5. I am seriously LOVING those cat bean bags! Thanks for sharing them!


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