Tags and simple things

By Christy - December 08, 2008

The lovely Yasmine of A Print a Day recently tagged me. The rule of the game is to list six unimportant things that make one happy. I'm all for simple things that touch the heart and soul. This is my list:

1. Apple cinnamon raisin iced tea
2. Hot cocoa that I make from scratch
3. Inspiring text messages I receive from friends
4. Beautiful afternoon light (4 p.m.)
5. Linen and cotton fabric things
6. Fresh laundered sheets

I tag anybody who wants to play along! Have a happy week everyone!

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  1. right now it's getting dark around 4pm.

    I agree with you about the fresh laundered sheets especially if they have dried outside.

  2. I enjoyed reading your tag. Have a good day Christy.

  3. Hot cocoa makes me happy too :) I might have to play along!

  4. Lovely things! Your blog is so cute... it just put me in a Christmas mood this morning!!!

  5. I love all the things on your list too Christy, a except for maybe the raisin tea. I have never tried it so I can't be sure, but raisins? hmm. Did you make those little crochet balls? they are so cute.

  6. oh i love your little pin cushion!

    i like everything in your tags too--especially the sheets!

  7. Christy, I've missed so many of your post since I had a computer crash. :/ But now I'm back and really enjoy all holiday inspiration here. Beautiful Christmas tree and the Holiday cookies are great. Hot cocoa from scratch is so nice as well as fresh laundered sheets. :)


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