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By Christy Amular - January 17, 2009

This is one of my vintage baby dresses. I love how my mother has lovingly kept childhood frocks as souvenirs of motherhood. She was no knitter but she surely had an appreciation for warm, soft, handmade things.  I particularly love this dress because it is  knitted and it has touches of fairy floss pink.

If only I can knit stuff like that (and baby amigurumi animals too)!

I have this book gathering dust on my desk. I never got past chapter one. I've attempted to do one-needle cast ons but I've miserably failed. I love yarn but yarn doesn't love me back or so it seems. Recently, I've come across Amanda Soule's beautiful prose "On Knitting". The title reminded me of one of those charming discourses on topics of sheer importance-- on loving, on cooking, on living! I read on. It seems I have been inspired. I'm taking the needle again and start making those cast-ons, imperfect  and wobbly as they are. Baby steps. As they say, you gotta start somewhere. 

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  1. Hi Christy ! :) Yes, Amanda is inspiring in many ways, isn't she ? Yeah for grabbing the knitting needles again !! My mom taught me once, something like 20 years ago, but I think she'd have to teach me again before I can knit a square ! LOL
    Hoping you're having a great weekend !! oxox

  2. gorgeous dress, good for you - go on girl, you can do it
    lisa x

  3. This dress is beautiful. I cant knit that well but my mum is so clever at it.

  4. Adorable dress! I think any little girl would sparkle in that!

  5. So cute, I wish my mom would of save all the sweet clothes my Grandma made for my sister and me.


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