Scruffy boy pirate

By Christy - January 04, 2009

Look ma, no more softies from patterns! I think I'll be making my own.

Presenting Scruffy Boy Pirate softie created out of sketchbook doodles. Ahaaaaar! Isn't he sweet? I will share his pattern soon.

Have a great Sunday!

Update: Comments for the new year blog giveaway are now closed. I will announce the winner tomorrow morning! Good luck and stay tuned!

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  1. He's really cute! I love the stubble!!

  2. So cute! The flippy eyepatch and the two day stubble are the best!

  3. hey, he's awesome !! :) There's nothing like NOT following patterns !!! LOL Great job ! Hope you had a great Sunday !

  4. He is perfect!! If I did something that cute, I wouldn't be buying patterns anymore either!! Great way to start out the new year! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Very inspiring! My son liked it too, he all things pirate!

  6. What a lovely boy!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn

  7. He is tooooo cute Christy. I love him.

  8. He's such a character..well done! :D


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