Mobile fone charm tutorial

By Christy Amular - January 02, 2009

Happy new year everyone! Here's an easy mobile phone charm tutorial to get you into the crafting spirit! It's super fast and easy to make and best of all it doesn't require any sewing skills. A mobile phone is quite easy to locate inside your purse if it's got a cute colourful (or subdued) charm dangling from it. Let's get started!

1. Assemble the supplies.

You'd need some colourful fabric ribbons of your choice, buttons, waxed thread or strong natural twine, needle and thread and a scissor.

2. Directions. Cut fabric ribbon, about 12 cm. in length. Fold into half. Cut twine/waxed thread about 12 cm. in length. Fold twine into half and make a knot leaving about 5 cm length from the top . Measure width of ribbon (usually it's 2 cm). Make another knot leaving about 2 cm from the top.Insert smaller loop into ribbon and cut extra twine left. Fold ribbon flap on the top leaving 5 cm length on the bottom. Fold top flap like a doggie bag. Secure with thread and add button. Fasten button securely and tightly. Alternately, you can replace twine/waxed thread with a metal ring to make a ribbon key holder.

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  1. Oh hi CHristy & Happy + Crafty New Year to you too ! Thanks for stopping by today ! Thanks for sharing this tutorial & for adding me to your blog list on the side, I'm honored ! :)
    I'm also looking forward to all the great things you share on your blog !! New year = clean slate, and room for lots new happy things !
    Have a fantastic start of the year ! :D Take care !

  2. Hi Christy!

    Great tutorial!
    One item more in my to do list! =)

    Kisses from Brazil!

    (PS: I'm starting to worry about your gift... It's too long now! I'm affraid it's lost in the psot office... =( Could it be? If it doesn't arrive until the end of january, I'll send you another one.)

  3. This is one project I think I can undertake. Thanks so much Christy and Happy New Year to you.

  4. Oh how sweet, I love it! I'll be linking.

  5. Brilliant tutorial! This would be a terrific project for my daughter to do on the holidays!

  6. cuteness! my plain jane phone could use a little sprucing ;)

  7. Love this simple idea - found your tutorial through One Pretty Thing - Thanks for sharing - have linked it

  8. kawaiii things ^_^, Christy
    And Happy New Year too...
    hope you're more success ... :)

  9. oh i like it a lot! unfortunately my phone is so old school i don't know where to hang it. eep!

  10. love it all. Cynthia

  11. Aww! So adorable!
    Made one and linked it to you <3

    thank you :D


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