Something sweet

By Christy Amular - January 31, 2009

My new favorite cake-- tropical fruit cocktail pavlova!

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  1. Pavlova is a favourite in our family too - especially in summer!!

  2. Thanks for visting my blog and entering the giveaway. You say you hand sew all your crafts. That is very encouraging to know that's a possibility. What's always held me back is that I don't have a sewing machine either, and I thought that was a must for things like quilting.

  3. What a beauty this pavlova is! Does it taste as good as it looks? It must:)

  4. I made about one of these a week over the Christmas period.
    With our chooks laying plenty of eggs Itn was a easy take along desert and yum!

  5. Beautiful. I love pavlova and eat way too much of it.

  6. Looks so good..refreshing way to eat pav! :D

  7. Christy, your pavlova is out of this world, an all time favourite in our household. My sister-in-law makes a lovely one too, and she makes it for us when we visit. I am sure by now there is no evidence of it every existing! x

  8. Hi Christy ! :) Thanks for stopping by this weekend. :) Always lovely to see you stopped ! Thanks for your kind words about the felt pancakes & the cicada video too.
    I've never tried pavlova but already watched Nigella Lawson make a gorgeous one. (I think it was a promegranate pavolva) It looks so delicious though, I'll have to try one day.
    Have a great week ahead ! Take good care ! oxox

  9. hmm that looks delicious!
    so happy to have found your blog, it's lovely!



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