An Artist's Notebook for dreaming

By Christy Amular - February 23, 2009

You don't need to sew or knit to be able to create some tangible handmade beauty. Sometimes all it takes is paper and some bits of imagination and glue! Explore, make, create and organize with these projects:

1. Good Vibe Notes from Lisa Curie
2. Red Labels from Poppytalk
3. Homemade bookplates from Martha Stewart Living
4. Vintage kitchen pantry labels from Country Home
5. Handmade family cookbook project from Hallmark Magazine
6. Artist's Notebook from The Toymaker
7. Pretty paper coordinates from Ariadne at Home

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  1. I personally love the paper coordinates!

    thank you for the list, I am a big fan of your picks, they are always helpful!

  2. Such a pretty to check out your links now :D


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