Dress up your valentine lollies

No time to get fancy for Valentines? Dress up your lollies with some cute sucker wrappers from American Greeting Cards or you can make your own!


  1. ahah eheh, cute, Christy ! Thanks for sharing the link !!! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Hi Christy thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway . I love stopping here you have the cutest things . Good luck !
    clares craftroom

  3. So cute and I hope you have a wonderful valentines weekend Christy.

  4. Good gravy girl, I cannot keep up with you. What a bunch of lovely valentiney posts. I love the red velvet cupcakes, they look so delish! Happy V day to you ♥

  5. Those are adorable. Never seen those before. Such a great idea!


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