Colette the Coffee Cat

By Christy - March 27, 2009

Another 100% handsewn, handstitched sweetie--Colette the Coffee Cat! I've placed her in the shop in case some coffee drinking, softie lover would like to adopt her. I think Colette makes a sweet handmade companion, cafe time or anytime!

I'll be back this weekend with handmade Easter projects. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. She is "SEW" cute!! I love her.

  2. aww what a cutie indeed ! Great job, Christy !! :)
    How did you know about Meet Me at Mike's contest ? I didn't even talk about it.
    Have a superb weekend, my dear oxoxoxo

  3. Too cute!

    Randi--i have to say

  4. Hi Colette!
    What a pretty girl like you doing here?
    Mind to take a sip of coffee with me?

    OK, enough of the pick up lines.
    I can't help it she's so pretty.

    Can't wait to see your Easter project!

  5. Christy, you are very talented and thank you for the birtday wishes. What a wonderful blog you have here.

    Christy the art on my blog is stolen from all over. Sorry to say that none of it is mine.

    Only the writing.

    One of my sister's names is Colette, and she is also a coffee cat.



  6. What a cutie!! Colette is the purrfect name for her.

  7. Your handsewing really is so purrfect. Can't wait to see your other makes. x

  8. beautiful beautiful colette! so sweet.

  9. Christy she's gorgeous! I especially love the gingham soles of her feet!

  10. I love Colette! She is ever so sweet! Such cute eyes! You are so talented Christy!

  11. So adorable! Such a sweet face! Congratulations on your work!


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