Crafty Slacker Get Er Done!

By Christy - March 04, 2009

If you're anything like me, my craft folder is bursting with lots of pattern print-outs and tutorials. I probably have enough make and do projects to last for the next six months. The daily bounty of creative inspiration from all over crafty blogland can easily get me sidetracked! Imagine my shock when I found this retro apron project buried under piles of craft magazines and pattern paper! I actually had the pieces already put together with pins, ready for hand sewing. Now, that my mother brought out our antique Singer sewing machine (an heirloom from grandma) from the store room, I need to machine sew it! The old Singer has been outfitted with electric parts  so it's now a lovely ancient/new plaything. 

Do you have some  half-finished craft projects too? Toronto Craft Alert should give you some nice motivation to finish them. They have a fun Get Er Done Giveaway where you can have the chance to win these cute goodies!  There is no chance in hell I can win this giveaway but it's too fun anyway. This giveaway is  open to the whole universe  so crafty slackers, get em done!

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  1. This looks like it will be a very cute apron. I am excited that you have a new little toy to play with and sew with. How bout showing us a picture I would love to see it:)

  2. Oh, my life often feels like one totally unfinished project. Imagine 50 years of unfinished projects collecting in a sewing room! Yikes! Anyway, occassionally I do fish out one of my unfinished, and, well... finish it! It's amazing how satisfying that is! Frankly, I don't think you can really consider yourself a crafter until your unfinished projects out weighs your finished ones! I guess that makes us optimists, right?

    Anyway, love the apron and have fun with the sewing maching... remember, it's your friend :)

  3. How lucky are you having your grandmothers antique Singer!! Love the apron fabric.

  4. Hehe, boy did I relate to this post!!


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