Mosaic Monday: Handmade Flowers

1. embroidered flower, 2. Handmade fabric flower brooch, 3. my handmade flowers, 4. Felt Flower, 5. Orange Blossoms (Crafting 365, day 264), 6. 100_4327, 7. handmade flower, 8. Blue Flower Pincushion, 9. flowers


  1. It's funny that when I read a blog I usually browse through all the pictures first and back to read the letters, and I thought, my favorite is number 3....>scrolldown<.... number3...>scroll more<.. number3... whooaaa it's yours!!

  2. no actually number 3 is mine,

  3. Beautiful flowers! :) A friend of mine over at flickr makes wonderful origami flowers (and other stuff). It's amazing what one can do!

    Have a lovely weekend and happy Easter! xo

  4. Love those!!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  5. These are really great picks Christy, very inspirational. Thank you :)

  6. Happy Easter Christy, Lovely easter blessings in the previous post and really amazing items on this one. hugs Margie.

  7. I love the flowers in the last photo! so sweet!

  8. awesome flowers, i want them all.

  9. These flowers are really so sweet! I love the Blue Flower Pincushion!

  10. Lovely selection of flowers.
    Thanks so much for including my blue brooch.
    Denise :)

  11. does it tell you how to make them? I'd love to have a go!! :D

    Fatima x

  12. I was searching handmade fabric search led me here. What beautiful fabric flowers!

  13. Hello
    I love your works and I included yr blog in my Crafts blogs list.
    Thanks for sharing
    Carmen Tavares


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