Mosaic Monday: Zakka Style

By Christy Amular - April 20, 2009

1. hand made zakka series-cute small things made from tenugui towels, 2. new zakka bags, 3. zakka inspired pin cushion (with tree print), 4. more zakka, 5. zakka, 6. 5::30 zakka pouch, 7. New Quilt, 8. zakka, 9. Zakka apron

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  1. Happy Monday to you Christy and thanks for another inspiring mosaic.
    You really inspire a peaceful week.

  2. Christy - thanks for visiting my blog. Can you post a lesson on how you do the great Mosaic Monday posts - I'm a computer novice!

  3. Another great mosaic with a them I love the most!! You are too good to be true, dear!!

  4. Hello sweet Christy !
    First of all, thanks soooooo much for your sweet ecard & birthday wishes at my blog, you totally made my day !! You're a sweetheart, my friend !
    And also, thank you so very much for stopping by while I was away, it was oh so much appreciated too, more than you could imagine ! It feels so good to know there are friends thinking about you when you're not there. Makes my heart smile !
    I love this mosaic so much. I love zakka style. It's always so simple & so pretty. Just like I like things. Thanks for making it & sharing it with us !
    Have a super nice week ahead, and thanks thanks thanks so much again Christy. You're the best ! oxoxoxo

  5. Oh, so pretty! As always, a treat. Thanks!

  6. Lovely items, Christy! They are very inspiring to work with linen!

  7. I love all these Christy. I have to go check them out! Thanks :)


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