Shopping with friends

By Christy - April 30, 2009

1. Acornmoon 2. Dutch Sisters 3. A Print a Day 4. A Flower for You 5. Melissa Beach Photography 6. Sew Take a Hike 7. Jojoebi 8. Thalita Dol 9. Smooch Design 10. Cozy Memories 11. Just Charming 12. Rowena Murillo 13. Itty Bitty Birdy 14. Mmmcrafts 15. I Can't Sew Creations 16. Vanessa Valencia

I would like to thank the lovely and very sweet Sonia of Cozy Memories for featuring my artfire shop on her Arts and Crafts Tuesday blog post. Thank you for that thoughtful gesture, Sonia. It is greatly appreciated!

In response to Sonia's wonderful kindness, I would also like to feature the crafty shops of my favorite crafty peeps. Have a happy and inspired shopping!

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  1. I had such fun bopping around these shops! Thanks for posting them and thanks for including me. :)

  2. Aww Christy, you are so very welcome ! I should have done this earlier, but I guess my mind's elsewhere these days. (or weeks ?) Thank you so very much for including me & my shop in this wonderful mosaic ! Now I'm off visiting your other friends' shops ! Yeepie ! xoxo Have a nice end of week, sweet Christy ! oxox

  3. Thanks for showing my little book, you are so kind!

  4. I've never been on one of these before... thank you so much for including me. This is such a great idea, Christy, and I'm so excited to be included!

  5. Sigh... so many ways to spend my money... yikes! A lovely collection. I checked out everyone's shop. Thanks for sharing their talents. Who would have thought before the internet that so many truly talented people existed?!! BTW I love your shop, too. Can't wait to get my latest order in!

  6. wow another one of my dreams ticked off!! i have been featured in someones collage, not just any someone but someone who is damn creative! thanks sweets i am off to check out the other shops.
    %*_*% rosey

  7. Aw, Christy, thanks including my shop! how sweet.


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