Sunday, May 31, 2009

Merry Matryoshka Crafts

If you're anything like me, my craft to-do folder is bursting at the seams with print-outs of all the tutorials and patterns I want to try! I always get distracted everytime a new tutorial comes along. I want to try it now and past tutorial print-outs always get buried in oblivion. In life, as in crafting I'd like to be more present. Just being and savoring each little chore, task and craft project one day at a time. So I thought of making a craft journal using a blank chipboard kraft paper set that I purchased from a stationery store. A craft journal I reckon would be a wonderful way to gather notes, materials and ideas of the things I dream of making. More importantly it will be an inspiring and leisurely way to appreciate and document a craft project at a particular moment. By the end of the year I would have a lovely homemade souvenir of yet another creative and inspiring year. I invite you to create your own craft journal too!

For the craft journal project, I designed the cover on Photoshop using Yasmine's Little Matryoshka Digital Kit which can be purchased at her shoppe. Her shoppe is filled with beautiful and affordably priced digital goodies so perfect for paper craft projects.

I also made sewing notion labels and button craft bookmarks using Babalisme's very cute Merry Matryoshka printable. Her playful printable has a very lovely kraft paper theme and it is just the perfect project to complement my matryoshka craft journal.

Today is the last day of the sew mama sew giveaway! Scroll down and leave a comment on my giveaway post to be in the running to win some cute craft goodies! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ribbon and lace stationery tutorial

I love to save ribbons from gift wrappings as well as lace and trim scraps from my sewing. Even the gaudy and flashy ones, well I keep them. Who knows they would come in handy one day for a recycling project such as this one!

Here's a really fun and easy way to recycle your lace and ribbon scraps:

Ribbon and Lace Stationery Tutorial

1. Look through your lace and ribbon pile and decide what designs you'd like to use for your stationery.

2. Cut the ribbon or lace to fit the width of the paper you are using. I normally would use 8.5"x 11" letter size parchment, linen/laid or patterned paper. You can use other paper sizes too. Just adjust the width of the ribbon/lace accordingly.

3. Use a double sided tape as adhesive to stick the ribbon or lace to the bottom of the paper.I don't know about using craft glue but based on experience, double sided tape really works well. Be as creative and imaginative as you can!

4. Voila! You now have a personalized and truly fancy one of a kind stationery for your correspondence needs.

If you're looking for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day post, scroll down or click here. The contest ends tomorrow midnight so sign up if you still haven't. Thank you and good luck to everyone who visited my blog and entered my giveaway!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy mail from Little t jane

Look who arrived just now? It's happy pothead!

I recently won Tracy's celebratory shop giveaway--a happy pothead rubber stamp from her super cute and fun little shop Little t jane. My little peeps are so happy to have happy pothead arrive safe and sound from a trans-oceanic plane trip. See, he has to lie down to recover from jet lag. He arrived in the sweetest style--with a little mushroom in a cake dome in tow. I really love Tracy's packaging of her product! So fun!

Tracy has added so many cute things to her shop lately. See them all here and go grab something cute for yourself or for a friend! Thank you Little t jane shop! I'm wishing you much fun and success!

Two more days to go before the Sew Mama Sew giveaway extravaganza ends! You still got plenty of time to join my fun giveaway. Go tell a friend! Sign up for the giveaway below.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day!

Welcome friends and visitors to Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day! Thank you for stopping by!

This is my giveaway loot for the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day. These are goodies meaningfully compiled to stir creativity and love for sewing! The lucky winner will receive the following:

  • Zakka embroidery book
  • Vintage style sewing book
  • Handmade strawberry pincushion
  • Plastic spools
  • DIY cross stitch keychain
  • Skein thread pack (assorted colors)
  • Mini plastic pompom maker
  • Assorted cute buttons
  • Handmade zakka sewing pouch in Kokka Trefle japanese fabric
  • Zakka style button gift tags
  • Red gingham ribbon
  • Gray grosgrain ribbon
  • Jacquard woven ribbons
  • Animal farm peg clips
  • Mini thread (assorted colors)
Please feel free to have a look around! Check out my photoblog and my shops Happy Handmades and Little Stitches. To celebrate giveaway day, all items on Happy Handmades are 20% off until June 1st!

Ready, set, go? All you have to do to win these goodies is to leave a comment! Of course you get extra points if you follow this blog on twitter or add this blog to google friend connect. Let me know in a separate comment. This giveaway ends on May 31 and I'll be announcing the name of the winner the day after. Don't forget to include your contact detail--email address. Entries with no contact details will not be included in the draw. The winner will be drawn from the hat and will be announced on June 1 US Eastern Time (evening). This giveaway is open to all international readers!

Also visit all the other participants on Sew Mama Sew on May 27 Eastern Time. Have fun and good luck!!!!


Comments are now closed! I will be announcing the name of the winner later in the day. Thank you all so much for joining!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sew What Blog Tour Giveaway!

Thank you for stopping by the Sew What Guild Blog Tour! So happy to have you here! Big thanks to Karen and the rest of the Sew What Guild for coming up with such a fun activity! It's been so wonderful visiting all the blogs and shops and making new friends in the process.

To celebrate the pink and green theme of the blog tour, I have a handmade giveaway--two pink and green mushroom cottage/house handstitched pincushions and a wee pinecone pixie! All you have to do to win these magical handmade lovelies is to visit my happy handmades shop on Artfire and tell me what sort of crafty stuff (i.e. softies, accessories etc) you would like to see in the shop in the future. Don't forget to include your email address in case you don't have a blog.

Thank you for visiting and have a magical day!

P.S. This giveaway ends tomorrow morning (11:11 a.m. my time). Join in and be counted! :)

Comments are now closed. I'll announce the winner tonight! Thank you all for joining!


The winner is commenter # 22-- Kim of Wee Folk Art! Congratulations Kim! I will notify you shortly. Thank you to all who joined. Please join my Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day for another chance to win.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fragrant handmade gifts (a mini shop update)

After a long and overdue shop update, here it is--Musée Luxury Lavender Sachets for the bed and boudoir. I'll be busy putting together my giveaways for the Sew What Guild Blog Tour and the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day (plus a lot of other projects on the homefront) so I will resume blog posts next week.Till then. Always have a happy, crafty day! Be blessed.

Celebrations! (and the chance to win Fairytale Brownies)

I'm trying to gather some ideas for the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party and I think I have found the perfect resource --Celebrations! This wonderful site which I just added to my favorites folder has just everything you'll ever need to create the perfect party! For those who are signing up for the Mad Tea Party you will find loads of tremendously fun ideas here. Celebrations also has a blog which I added to my blogroll for easy reference. I love the recipes and ideas featured especially this Mango Bacon Wrap contributed by The Cooking Photographer. Yummy! Feel free to contribute your recipes and ideas to the blog.

Celebrations also has the sweetest contest going on! Simply submit your most creative kid's birthday party theme idea (see contest rules here) and get the chance to win a special prize from Fairytale Brownies ! Top 3 winners will receive these heavenly fairytale treats, a taste of pure enchantment!

1st Prize: Fairytale Treasures Assortment

2nd prize: Fairytale Double Dozen Assortment

3rd prize: Fairytale Tower Assortment

Heavenly aren't they? If you are from the US, go forth and join! Who knows you may just have the sweetest fairytale ending!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vintage style Little Red

Just completed this one foot high, vintage style Little Red art dolly. She's completely handsewn, slow sewn and three days in the making (because I'm hardcore just like that!)! Little Red will be included in the shop update for Little Stitches Shop tomorrow.

And now a poem to entertain you from one of my favorite authors Roald Dahl:

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

As soon as Wolf began to feel
That he would like a decent meal,
He went and knocked on Grandma's door.
When Grandma opened it, she saw
The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin,
And Wolfie said, ``May I come in?''
Poor Grandmamma was terrified,
``He's going to eat me up!'' she cried.

And she was absolutely right.
He ate her up in one big bite.
But Grandmamma was small and tough,
And Wolfie wailed, ``That's not enough!
I haven't yet begun to feel
That I have had a decent meal!''
He ran around the kitchen yelping,
``I've got to have a second helping!''
Then added with a frightful leer,
``I'm therefore going to wait right here
Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood
Comes home from walking in the wood.''
He quickly put on Grandma's clothes,
(Of course he hadn't eaten those).
He dressed himself in coat and hat.
He put on shoes, and after that
He even brushed and curled his hair,
Then sat himself in Grandma's chair.
In came the little girl in red.
She stopped. She stared. And then she said,

``What great big ears you have, Grandma.''
``All the better to hear you with,'' the Wolf replied.
``What great big eyes you have, Grandma.''
said Little Red Riding Hood.
``All the better to see you with,'' the Wolf replied.

He sat there watching her and smiled.
He thought, I'm going to eat this child.
Compared with her old Grandmamma
She's going to taste like caviar.

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, ``But Grandma,
what a lovely great big furry coat you have on.''

``That's wrong!'' cried Wolf. ``Have you forgot
To tell me what BIG TEETH I've got?
Ah well, no matter what you say,
I'm going to eat you anyway.''
The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.
She whips a pistol from her knickers.
She aims it at the creature's head
And bang bang bang, she shoots him dead.
A few weeks later, in the wood,
I came across Miss Riding Hood.
But what a change! No cloak of red,
No silly hood upon her head.
She said, ``Hello, and do please note
My lovely furry wolfskin coat.''

Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mad Tea Party & last day of shop sale

I just signed up for Vanessa's most magical soiree--the 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party! I am so excited!

Bring out those fancy teapots, teacups and fairy cakes and join me and other mad tea partiers for a day filled with magic, wonder and enchantment. Just peep into the secret magic keyhole for more details. Hope to see you!

Also, today is the last day of the Happy Handmades Shop Sale! Awesome 20% off on everything- fabrics, notions, crafting books, vintage buttons, trims, ribbons and a lot more. My shipping rates are uber fabulous too so take a peep at the shop.

Have a great Wednesday!

I'm a happy pothead giveaway winner!

Image from littletjane

Hooray! I won little t jane's happy pothead giveaway! When the little fellow arrives home he will be welcomed by a busload of my little peeps. Oh they are so excited to meet little happy pothead. He will be the newest member of their fun family!

Little pothead is one of the fun creations of the very sweet Tracy of little t jane (I met her on Twitter!) and she has the most fun little ETSY shop. Go take a look at her shop and treat yourself to something fun!

Best organizing crafts from magazines

Here's a roundup of the best organizing crafts, tips and tutorials from some of my favorite magazines and sites:

Get organized using everyday items
from Real Simple
Home hints & ideas from Notebook Magazine
Make a household notebook: ideas & printables from Tipnut
Best organizing crafts from Martha Stewart

Have a great week!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Merriest May crafts & little stitches

1. Flower card from Mmmcrafts
2. Lavender teabag sachets from Zakka Life
3. Mimi Kirchner handsewn dolls from Purl Bee
4. Pressed flower stationery from Martha Stewart

These projects are high on my must-do list! Must.find.time.soon. :)

New stuff

The handsewn tradition lives on! Welcome to Little Stitches, my teeny tiny shop dedicated to the fine art of 100% handsewn love. Watch out for the shop update soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sew What blog tour kicks off today!

That's right! Head over to Cotton Spice Blog to see the featured Artfire artisan member of the day. The tour stars off with Kim of Va Beach Quilter. Visit her blog to see more of her sewing and recycling tips, her quilt shops and the chance to win her pink and green giveaway!

Just click on the Sew What Blog Tour banner on the sidebar where you will be taken to Cotton Spice Blog, the host of this amazing blog tour event!

Here's a list of the blog tour participants:

May 15-Va Beach Quilter
May 16-Karen's Creations
May 17-Morumoto's
May 18-Tangle your Hangers
May 19- New England Quilter
May 20- Stitch n' Love
May 21- Pelecy Pod
May 22- Be the Thread
May 23- Flamingo K's
May 24- Calidora
May 25- Sweet Tidings
May 26- Amy Designs
May 27- Jazzy Jemz
May 28- Handmade with Love
May 29- Apron Chic

Please check back daily! Enjoy and happy Sew What blog touring!


Stick this lovely inspiring to-do list from Perfect Sentiment on your mirror and watch life glow! You can download the list in PDF here and please pass it along to a friend!

Happy weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My back- to- back giveaway

Woohoo! I'm joining Sew Mama Sew's May Day Giveaway! Please drop by this blog on May 27 or earlier for a giveaway surprise. I also have a Pink and Green giveaway for Artfire's Sew What Guild Blog Tour on May 25. Double yay!

This is going to be a fun month!

And oh, ever been to my pond? If I'm not here, I'm there. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a (Pretty) Good Thing

One of my greatest joys is discovering fresh blogs that express a new way of feeling and seeing. I'm so happy to share the lovely world of Pretty Good blog, an exquisitely stunning photoblog created by Mary. I'm drawn to her beautiful, pure and crisp photos and the amazing clarity of them all. Her imaginative, short and sweet witty proses also tickle the mind and soul. (Insert long, happy sigh!)

The following images are some of my fave posts from her blog (images posted here with permission of course). Isn't it amazing how she conjures such lovely photos and words with such delicate tenderness? Visit her blog here for inspiration!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More zakka sewing

Another zakka sewing project- a mini summer tote bag. My bag making skills are still very elementary as you can see but I'm learning and having fun in the process. Any bag making website for beginners that you can suggest?

Among others, you can now search this website using the very sleek and nifty lijit search tool (please see the lower portion of sidebar ). In one compact search application you can browse my enriched blog content, my twitter, flickr, blog network and the web in just one click! That means more blogs and crafty ideas to discover and enjoy!

Also watch this space for the upcoming Artfire Sew What Guild's Pink and Green Blog Tour. Starting May 15, a different blog will be featured from one of the many members of the Sew What Artisan Guild. There will be new things to learn, people to meet and of course hopefully pink and green giveaway items to win.

Have a fun Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Once upon a cupcake

I can't doodle or draw so I just sew! I love how this little rag doll seems to jump out of a storybook. Meet Cupcake Chloe! She loves cupcakes so much and she would love to be your friend.


100 ways to spark you into creative action

10 ways to infuse your work with your personality
100 ideas: a work in progress

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Find the magic

Dover clipart from The Little Green Road to Fairyland, 1922

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Friday, May 8, 2009

Zakka jam cover

Some zakka jar covers I made for re-purposed mayonnaise jars and for gift jams that are coming my way!

Get the instructions here.

Through a glass, brightly

I love Tiltshiftmaker! You can create "tilt-shift miniature style photos of real life pictures that are manipulated to look like model photographs." Take a peek at these photos I've taken a few years back. With Tiltshiftmaker, they look like tiny, magical worlds!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cozy coffee time & cottage charm giveaway

Make coffee time last longer with this cute coffee cup cozy tutorial from House on the Hill Road. I love my cozy in pink mushroom design.

My fave coffee concoction:

Cafe Swiss Mocha

1/4 cup powdered non-fat dairy creamer or non-fat dry milk
1/4 cup instant coffee
1/3 cup sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa

Shake in a jar to mix. Use 1 level tablespoon, to 6 ounces boiling water. Put 1 heaping teaspoon into 1 cup cold water; heat in microwave for 1 minute, 15 seconds; let sit in a moment. Stir and enjoy!

Want cupcakes with your coffee? Then hop over to Sadie Lou's Lollishop Blog for the Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway! Also visit the fun giveaway event hosted by Kim at Twice Remembered Cottage. Have fun!