Artfire Finds

Since I've set up shop on Artfire, I've discovered a treasure trove of sweetly quaint, obscure little shops! Compared to ETSY, it's a little bit trickier to navigate Artfire's shop categories but then that's the joy of handmade shopping! These are some of my current shop finds:

1. Cupcake Social
2. Nothing Elegant 3. Bit of Whimsy Dolls
4. Rainbow Swirlz 5.The Copper Cauldron 6. Filigree Findings
7. Good Bloom 8. Noisy Bird Studio 9. Uberstitch


  1. These are cool, I really liked the good bloom store, she has some really cute prints.

  2. What beautiful cupcake holders. I might have to get these for my Aunt.

  3. oooh gorgeous finds! love the little cupcake cases! :)
    My parcel arrived this week..SOOO pleased with it all, thanks so much Christy...and for the extra! You are very sweet :) Gxxx


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