Bee here now

P.S. I have to share this. [Via Randi of I Have to Say]


  1. oh beehave!
    lets see how many more bee comments you get?

  2. hello ...

    check out all these great discounts available to the readers of little lovelies....

    x nadine

  3. They are just the cutest little buttons I have seen.

  4. What a cute little picture! You are so creative!

    That website is just amazing. The photos and the journal entries are so touching. What a beautiful record of someone's life!

  5. I'm absolutely LOVING your blog!!!! LOVE. Thank you so much for your kind comments about HATCH! I wish you could come visit... you are officially invited!!! ;)

  6. I posted the exact same yesterday. I have seen the pictures and read the text again, and I am so touched.

    Lovely buttons, perfect "Bee here now"

    xxx JM ;-)

  7. Thanks for visiting. I have been enjoying your blog and appreciating all that you share. I discovered Lucy through you and have been enjoying her blog as well. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

  8. I love busy weeks... even my relaxing weeks are busy... which is relaxing to me... which probably sounds totally askew. But this week is a heavy gardening week so I'm doing nothing except smelling the flowers :) ANYWAY, have a lovely week! Extremely cute buttons!


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