I'm a happy pothead giveaway winner!

By Christy Amular - May 19, 2009

Image from littletjane

Hooray! I won little t jane's happy pothead giveaway! When the little fellow arrives home he will be welcomed by a busload of my little peeps. Oh they are so excited to meet little happy pothead. He will be the newest member of their fun family!

Little pothead is one of the fun creations of the very sweet Tracy of little t jane (I met her on Twitter!) and she has the most fun little ETSY shop. Go take a look at her shop and treat yourself to something fun!

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  1. ha ha! xo thank you heaps & heaps for the good love, christy! :D your fun little play family is sooo cute, and i love that they are all ready together to pick up happy little pothead in their bus! i hope you love your new stamp when it arrives- i'm glad that little guy is going to such a good home!!! cheers & all good wishes!

    my word verification is "spups" - so funny to say! made me laugh :)

  2. Oh! That plane is so cute!!! :D

  3. Those little peolpe and the plane are so cute.
    Have fun.

  4. Ooh aww what a sweet little family & what a fun giveaway, congrats on winning it !!! :D
    Thanks so much for stopping by & for your kind words ! I just saw you opened a shop on Big Cartel ... off to check this right now ! Have a great middle of the week, sweetie ! oxoxo

  5. Lucky little ld you!
    How gorgeous is that!
    You deserve it!

  6. These are lovely toys. I like the natural quality to them.

  7. Oh they're all so cute..we have that little doggie too :) Congrats Gx

  8. Congratulations on your win Christy! What a nice addition to your happy little family!

  9. oooooo, so you're the one that got the stamp! I'm jealous. I am still waiting for my mother to dig up all our old little people's and mail them to me. I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time.


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