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By Christy Amular - May 13, 2009

Another zakka sewing project- a mini summer tote bag. My bag making skills are still very elementary as you can see but I'm learning and having fun in the process. Any bag making website for beginners that you can suggest?

Among others, you can now search this website using the very sleek and nifty lijit search tool (please see the lower portion of sidebar ). In one compact search application you can browse my enriched blog content, my twitter, flickr, blog network and the web in just one click! That means more blogs and crafty ideas to discover and enjoy!

Also watch this space for the upcoming Artfire Sew What Guild's Pink and Green Blog Tour. Starting May 15, a different blog will be featured from one of the many members of the Sew What Artisan Guild. There will be new things to learn, people to meet and of course hopefully pink and green giveaway items to win.

Have a fun Wednesday!

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  1. That bag looks pretty special to me..
    I bought my first ever sewing machine over the weekend...
    Lookout world!! lol!

  2. your too humble, I don't see any beginners trace on that bag, you haven't seen me making a bag (it will likely become a terrible "sack") !!

  3. If you need bag making tips the best place to start is:

  4. I love your tote Christy! The fabrics look great together! I don't know of any sites for you to go to for a list of simple bags, but I would recommend a Japanese book called eco bags and the isbn is 9784834727104. It has some great simple patterns!

  5. it looks great! this blog has some great tutorials, she is a pro bag lady and runs workshops so everything is well explained.

    the eco bag book is good but if you can't read patterns and or Japanese and you are a bag beginner I think you will find it frustrating

  6. adorable bag! I love zakka :)


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