Under a parasol

By Christy Amular - May 01, 2009

Parasol Magazine Issue #2 created by the extremely talented Yasmine of A Print a Day is now out! It's available for download here. There are lots of amazing artists, bloggers and crafty tutorials in this issue. Go check it out!

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  1. I have followed your blog for quite a while. I simply love it.

    Thank you so much ;-)

  2. I love Yasmine too! Thank you for reminding!

  3. And to think I didn't know there was a Parasol #1! I just linked over there and realized I was in for trouble. I'm suppose to be getting ready for dinner out with DH instead I'm reading away, hehe! Anyway, thanks for the intro. I'll spend tons of time there later!

  4. I saw the first issue and I thought it was fabulous. Off to check out the second issue.


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