Going organic

By Christy - June 19, 2009

Check out my new earth friendly and totally stylish silverware. It's made of organic materials (bamboo and coconut shell) untouched by any pesticide spray. Best of all it's made by a nomadic indigenous tribe in one of the sunny isles in my archipelago. Using this unusual cutlery makes me feel so grounded to Mother Earth and mindful of my meals. I think it's quite impossible to shove huge mouthfuls of food into my gut with this cutlery set. Small, dainty, mindful bites would be more appropriate. Hmm, this could make me lose a few pounds too I reckon.

Let me know if you're interested in acquiring such inspired cutlery so I can list a few sets in my shop for a very nominal price.

It's hello summer on the other side of the hemisphere and hello rainy, monsoon season where I am. Do check out my craft contributions on Celebrations.com as well as other cool summer party ideas. Also explore more great ideas on their blog Life of the Party!

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