Kylie's Country Cupcake Shop now open!

By Christy Amular - June 06, 2009

Image from Bites of Country Cupcakes

Remember these yummy cupcakes?

Kylie's Bites of Country Cupcake Shop is now open to cater to all your sugar desires and whimsies! Yummy treats abound fresh from the oven! Feast your eyes on a wide assortment of sweet yummy treats such as:

Strawberry Sweetness
Paper Case Cuppies
Sponge Cake Slices
Swirly Cupcakes
Tiny Cuppies
Lamingtons (Aussie Specialty)
French Inspired Cupcakes
Christmas Choccies
Creme Caramels & Puddings
Chocolate Decorated Hearts and a lot more!

These treats are 0 calories are soooo good for you! Prices are in Australian dollars and Kylie can quote the exact postage for you. Contact Kylie at her shop blog now to order.Happy weekend!

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  1. was looking through her new blog til one of my kids turned the computer off! must go back right now.

  2. Christy!
    You are such a doll!
    Fancy doing such a thing and giving my Lil shoppe a Plug!
    I soooo appreciate you doing that.
    Thanks a bunch!


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