Mosaic Monday: Strawberry Summer

By Christy - June 29, 2009

1. But thy eternal summer shall not fade, 2. strawberry shortcake cupcakes, 3. strawberry field, 4. Fraises et fausse crème glacée aux framboises - Strawberries and Fake Raspberry Ice Cream, 5. Rhubarb "Tea", 6. A Summerdream Strawberry, 7. strawberry lemonade, 8. Strawberry Basil Jam (1/3), 9. summer...{157/266}

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  1. Oh yum! They all look so delicious.I wish I had some strawberries and creme.Great summertime photo!

  2. OH I totally dig this idea and all of the pictures are so lovely!

  3. ...mmm... strawberries.... (in homer simpson's voice)


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