Mosaic Monday: Totally Tilda

1. Tilda's Herzen, 2. Tilda Babushka, 3. Maçãs, 4. Fabric Strawberrys and Stiched Roses, 5. Fabel and Anna Margrethe, 6. tildas Embroided little bag, 7. cones, 8. apples, 9. Tilda-Angel


  1. Oh thankyou , I really love Tilda !

  2. Just beautiful I love that I am able to come back and check your Monday post.

  3. yummie mosiac, love tilda!

  4. So, so very cute... all of them. You make the very best mosaics, Christy. Such an eye for the lovely! Thanks for all your digging and sharing!


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