PIFs and Thank You's!

By Christy Amular - July 19, 2009

Hello! I've been so terribly busy the past few days to post anything peculiarly interesting or crafty. There's a lot on my plate right now and next week and in the next month things are going to get even busier so forgive me for sporadic upcoming posts.

I received these lovely polka dot and Japanese fabric treats from my sweet, sweet pal Cathy! She sent me a Tone Finager book and zakka embroidery books. I'm looking forward to making some Hello Kitty stitcheries when I get some breathing room. Thank you so much sweet Cathy! Your generosity is truly unparalleled! Sending very best wishes your way!

And these goodies, oh my goodnesss they tickle my crafty bone away! Aren't they delightful? The super sweet Tracy of Little t Jane handmade these sweet tidings treats for me for Pay it Forward 2009. Boy, does Tracy know how to make a friend feel special! The magic of handmade, handcrafted things just warm my heart. Thank you so much sweet Tracy! I'm also so excited to use the "hello" and "thank you" stampers I purchased from her little ETSY shop during her Fourth of July sale. She also accepts custom made rubber stamps so check out Tracy's shop because it's the happiest shop on ETSY!

To the 5 lovely gals who signed up for my PIF please look forward to receiving something lovely and handmade from me sometime this year. To those who haven't emailed me their address yet, please drop me a note soon.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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