Craftig: Social networking for the rest of us

By Christy - August 09, 2009

I just signed up for Craftig. What a cute social networking site to read and share tutorials and crafty ideas with like minded individuals. Thank you to Kawaii Crafter for the heads up.

See you on Craftig!

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  1. mmmmm... I just registered, but I haven't had get the knack of it, well, I mastered Twitter in months, so...

  2. That looks like an interesting site,

    Have a peaceful Sunday. x

  3. JUST what I needed Christy! Another crafty site. I just signed up too mainly because I love their little tomato pic!

  4. I just know I shouldn't really click on that link (how many more places can I be?!?!). I also know I'm going to anyway...


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