Mosaic Monday: Dolly Days

By Christy - September 07, 2009

1. Bean doll keychan + altered tin, 2. Doll - work in progress, 3. handmade dolls, 4. doll in dress, 5. Kawaii Cute Handmade Bunka Doll Red Clothes Small Made in Japan, 6. Lana's Doll! Sweet Marie! 3, 7. Handmade Cloth Doll, 8. Bunika doll with spring flowers, 9. herself elf doll face

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  1. aww, so many adorable dolls !
    So good to have you back, my friend. I hope you had a nice weekend.
    Happy new week tomorrow ! xoxo

  2. Hey lovely! What a great collection of dolls! Thank you for your comments on my blogs... Hope I can keep posting regularly, with the move and all! :)

    All the best!



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