Tutorial: Sewing notion shadow box organizer

By Christy - September 29, 2009

Create a little shadow box organizer to effectively organize and display your vintage sewing treasures. This shadow box can be displayed in a corner to add a touch of nostalgic whimsy to your craft or sewing room.


  • Old wooden cash box or drawer
  • Paint, wood stain and varnish
  • Vintage dress patterns
  • Old wine corks
  • Glue gun and stick
  • Vintage sewing notions and ephemera

1. Paint the wooden box in your favorite color or line the insides with vintage dress patterns.

2. Glue wine corks inside the box for use as utility hooks.

3. Arrange your sewing notions inside the box in a still life kind of way. Hang antique scissors on the cork hooks or hang ribbons or measuring tapes on them. For your still life arrangement you may want to use imaginative materials like vintage buttons in their original cards, sewing tins, altered sewing clip-art, ribbons etc. Let your shadow box reflect your sewing personality.

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