Great Halloween Giveaway from Florspace

By Christy Amular - September 30, 2009

Would you like to win some fiendishly cute halloween goodies? Then hop over to Florspace's blog My Handmade Life !

I'm a Halloween girl myself (born on All Soul's Day/Dia de los Muertos) and yes I dig delightfully macabre stuff! On Dia le los Muertos I would love to make Skull Sugar Cookies and Day of the Dead Bread.

Poking around Florspace's blog, I've discovered cuteness galore like these mushroom purses and Decole sweetness! There's even more crafty goodness to see in the Florspace ETSY shop and Florspace Big Cartel shop .

Okay, get on the broom now and fly over to Florspace's Great Halloween Giveaway ! Tell Florspace the goodie goodie witch of Sweet Tidings sent you! Have fun!

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