Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap 2009

By Christy Amular - October 09, 2009

Fancy a handmade christmas ornament to hang on your Christmas tree? Then join us for the Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap 2009 happening at Daisy Quilts. This sweet little swap event is organized by Clare of Clare's Craftroom and Robyn of Daisy Quilts. Sign-ups are open until November 1st! Let's connect and handmake!

There are handmade ornament tutorial links on the Daisy Quilts blog (see the left sidebar) to get your holiday creative juices flowing.

Here are the mechanics as quoted from Robyn's blog:

The swap is open to all those with a blog in Australia and overseas.

To participate you must be willing to mail overseas and honour your swap commitment.

The details: All players will be allocated one swap partner. You will send directly to your partner and she will send directly to you.

You will make and send one only gorgeous handcrafted Christmas tree ornament and one lovely Christmas Card for your partner (nothing extra).

The ornament will measure no more than 5 inches (approx) and should be handmade by you with love and care. (Example: Make something special that you would love to receive yourself. Please do not cut out a paper star and send it to your partner.)

Sounds easy, isn't it? Hope to see you at the Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap 2009. Thank you Clare and Robyn for organizing this swap.

I'll be closing the Lilla Lotta Sponsor Giveaway in a couple of hours. Hurry and enter while there is still time. Thank you to all who have participated. The winner will be announced soon.

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